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21st Century Learning

The Melbourne Declaration  on Educational Goals for Young Australians outlines how "Globalisation and technological change are placing greater demands on education and skill development in Australia and the nature of jobs available to young Australians is changing faster than ever." The need for students to be "creative and productive users of technology, especially ICT, as a foundation for success in all learning areas ..." together with the key skills related to logical thinking, creativity, innovation, resourceful, independent and collaborative are the 21st century skills that will allow students to reach their potential.

At Waggrakine we strive to create the structure and resources which help empower future leaders. We recognise the need to move away from traditional hierarchical structures of leadership to a more flexible organisation which values the empowerment of all stakeholders through networked, horizontal connections. Our vision is underpinned by the belief that through harnessing this expertise and knowledge we give voice to all involved in our community, developing multiple partnerships striving towards common goals.

Over three years we have been developing a vision for 21st century teaching and learning.  To increase our students’ sustained success we are committed to enriching the curriculum to meet the demands for students to have the ability to learn continuously throughout their lives.

We have identified 21st century skills and knowledge our students require to achieve their full potential, including:

·       Access, analyse, synthesise, evaluate, create and leverage knowledge 

·       Communicate effectively

·       Remain flexible and adaptable

·       Use creativity and initiative

·       Understand global issues

·       Become self-regulated and self-motivated learners

Our long-term goal is to bridge the divide between what students know and do at school and what they know and do in real life.  We believe by effectively using 21st century tools we can create a vibrant new curriculum that transcends the traditional confines of a classroom and invigorates both teacher and student alike.

We believe increased global links will provide new catalysts to build on our focus of leading our students towards becoming effective global citizens; willing to share their voices with others to become future architects  and creative problem solvers for future directions and issues not yet known.

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