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Bali Sister School

In 2010 Waggrakine Primary School staff, students and P&C accepted the challenge to take on a sister school in Bali through AdoptASchool. Adopt a school started in October 2002 as a cross cultural initiatve that links schools in Western Australia with underpriviliged schools in Bali.
See for more information on how you can help or be involved.

This initiative was established to encourage friendship and cultural understanding between teachers and students across cultural borders. AdoptASchool involves a commitment to improving cultural understanding through compassion, trust, integrity, respect, friendliness, generosity and purposefulness.

As part of the project, participating schools exchange letters, drawings and projects reflecting life in that school, community and country. Western Australian schools also assist by sending educational resources to Bali and assisting in fundraising projects. Today there are 90 schools in the AdoptASchool Association.

Now in late 2012 many staff, parents and children from the waggrakine community have visited the school and taken over books, resources or funding to the school. Our school is a very isolated school in the mountains of Pelaga in central Bali. The school community are very welcoming to visitors. Many individual Waggrakine families have now made private donations to the school via Adopt A School and for this we and the SD4 Pelaga are very grateful.

If you would like to make a donation to our sister school in kind or cash please contact the Waggrakine school on the email address below. School community members are encouraged to visit our sister school and are made to feel very welcome. If you are heading over and would like to visit we can arrange a driver who is familiar with our school and provide community members with something to take over to the school, so you don't go empty handed. Contact us for more details. 

A visit to SD4Pelaga - October 2010

Staff visiting Bali for their October holidays got together to arrange a visit and in early October four staff and two students travelled to our sister school, SD4 Pelaga. With our luggage at capacity we took over stationery, sports supplies, books and letters from our students. Upon arrival we were treated like royalty with a grand entrance and then displays of Balinese dance, martial arts and sports.

The sports equipment was donated by Slater Gartrell Sports and Ms Low and Matthew showed the students what to do with the Aussie rules football. They also thought the two totem tennis poles were a great hit, in fact the teachers were first in line! The students were very excited about getting new sports equipment and very appreciative.  Ms Low also introduced everyone to Vegemite, although it didn’t seem too popular, especially if you can see the faces in the photo above!

We took over letters from most of the students in our school for the SD4Pelaga students. They can’t read English, just like we can’t read Indonesian, yet, but slowly Agung, the English teacher will be able to read the letters to them. We have asked them to write to us. So soon we will have some challenges of our own linguistically!

Much of the stationery taken over was donated by Adam Hunter Pty Ltd. Highlighters, textas, pencils, crayons and more will help the children’s learning.

From the Waggrakine School Community we donated $1000 AUD. This was a huge gift and the school community was very grateful, overwhelmed and appreciative of such a donation and sent many wishes back to the Waggrakine community for their generosity.

Even though we raise money for ourselves to supplement our needs and wants we feel it is an important process for helping our students learn values that we take into account communities who are much more needy than us. It is an important value to understand how fortunate we are in Australia and that we take so much for granted. Seeing the school really made us realise that our school is very fortunate and has a great deal of resources, especially in technology. SD4 had two old computers and not one TV or data projector. We hope to assist them in the future so that we can start to interact directly through the internet but at the moment we are unable to communicate via the internet from the school itself, although we can email Agung to access from the village.

We had a wonderful visit and strongly recommend any families going over to Bali to visit our sister school. They especially loved having the Australian children visit. It is an hour and a half drive into the mountains to the village of Pelaga. Agung the English teacher will wait at the village for visitors and then taken them on to the school. Adopt-a-school web site also has recommended drivers and we used Ketut, he was also a great help on the day with translating! We look forward to strengthening our relations ship with the school in the future.

A visit to SD4Pelaga - January 2011

In January 2011 Mrs Hunter and Ms Turner went back to Bali and again visited our sister school. We can report back that SD4 Pelaga had purchased an information board, LCD TV, fabric for new uniforms and other school supplies with the funds provided in October from Waggrakine. Agung showed us extensive receipts and documentation of all funds. As you can see by the more recent pictures the children are proudly wearing their new Waggrakine sister school uniforms.

We spent time teaching the children some favourite Australian songs whose words were on the posters and charts that Mrs Ashworth made for them during the holidays. Children enjoyed the educational resources taken over, donated by staff and businesses in Geraldton. We were also able to donate two old notebook computers that had finished their warranty and use with the department.

We spent time looking at the school and some of the more basic needs for the future and are now seeking to gain funds to assist the school with a water tank to the only toilet in the school as the school has no running water. We hope to have this project supported soon. Any donations are much appreciated.

Adopt a School staff visit Waggrakine March 2012

In March 2012 Agung Sumanadi, SD4 Pelaga's English teacher came to Australia to visit Perth for an Adopt a School sponsored study tour. As part of the tour donations have enabled Agung and another visiting teacher Jati to come to Geraldton and visit Waggrakine.
IN mid 2012 the Parker family visited the school, we hope to see their photos soon!
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