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Waggrakine P&C

The Waggrakine P&C has been an active P&C for 30 years. Each year the P&C welcomes new families and extends an invitation for new members to become involved in supporting the school community in many ways. The school is forever greatful for the P&Cs continued support, without which we would be poorer both in resources and in human spirit. The students are the benefactors of the work of the P&C and they too are always excited about the new resources available for them, made possible by continued P&C support.

The 2015 P&C Committee
President  - Paula Luckcraft
Vice president - Vanessa Minnesale
Bronwyn Dimitro - Secretary
Treasurer - Vacant

Involvement in the P&C is one of the best ways of being aware of school activities and what is planned to improve the school environment for your child.  There are many ways of supporting this organisation, however personal involvement is the one most appreciated.  Meetings are held each month in the school library.  Dates will be in the newsletter.

To date the association has been an active contributor to the school’s educational program and the development of school facilities.  It is hoped that you will help maintain this support.

P&C funded and built scooter rack

The P&C is active in:

  • Initiating school tours and talks with new parents.
  • Holding book sales in library.
  • Hosting morning teas with grandparents.
  • providing ongoing support in the classrooms.
  • Supporting the Year 6 leadership program and graduation.
  • In 2014/2015 holidays the P&C funded the resurfacing of the basketball courts.

The P&C is a strong fundraiser and over the years has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through the GG Festival, Discos, quiz nights, BBQs and food stalls at special events and much much more... Through these funds the P&C have purchased and supported:
  • play equipment
  • musical instruments
  • library books
  • air conditioning
  • pre primary toys
  • disco equipment
  • school furniture
  • computers
  • interactive whiteboards
  • cameras and other ICT equipment
  • school shades
  • sand pits
  • book awards
  • leadership programs
  • the list goes on
  • resurfacing the basketball courts (January 2015)

The impact on the community and children

This has enabled a greater capacity for learning with new computers and interactive whiteboards, parents know their children have access to the latest technologies and are immersed in 21st century learning skills. Play equipment has allowed the students to have greater options during play time, increasing physical and social skills. Book Awards are a time to acknowledge and recognise students who have have shown outstanding aptitude towards citizenship, academic, cultural or striving to endevour to achieve their best.

School canteen

Students must order their lunch before school at 8.30am – 8.45am. The canteen is run by the P&C.  They are unable to extend any credit to families.  You are welcome to pay for lunches in advance, but do not ask for lunches to be provided without payment accompanying the order. Parents and caregivers are required to assist in the canteen.  Please see Mrs Sue Britt or Ms Chantal Schinazi to offer your support.

The GG festival

The GG Festival brings community, parents, teachers and children together and create unique community spirit.  More than 200 helpers attended the last GG festival, with over 3000 visitors throughout the day, raising over $37 000.  The GG festival allows parents to interact, children to learn about community involvement and the community to develop a sense of ownership.  Children, parents and teachers alike achieve a great sence of pride and acomplishment from their achievements.  Children develop an understanding of the meaning of working to raise funds for special things.  Hard work pays off.  School staff and parents work alongside each other for the benefit of the students.

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