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We pride ourselves on our strength and focus in literacy and work closely with staff and colleagues to develop a whole school seamless approach to literacy.

Professional learning communities centralised around Waggrakine Primary have enabled a long term, sustainable and focussed vision for literacy improvement within and beyond Waggrakine Primary. In 2012 Waggrakine became one of 60 Teacher Development Schools across the state in English, Science, Mathematics or Science. Waggrakine is a Department of Education Kindergarten to Year 7 Teacher Development School. We also work alongside other English leaders in Geraldton Schools to form and develop the Geraldton Literacy Strategy. The expertise involved in this project has resulted in an ongoing professional learning community dedicated to continuing to meet to enhance the learning of students.

Link to the Geraldton Literacy Strategy  Blog

Structures built into strategic and operational planning enable an ongoing collaborative professional learning community with a clear and compelling vision for literacy within the school.

Our learning culture is embedded through

  • Providing all staff with collaboration time each week in phase of learning teams
  • Timetabling a clear and uninterrupted literacy block in the mornings
  • Dedicated reading groups twice a week for all students
  • Comprehensive modelling of literacy strategies are built into operational planning
  • The opportunity to learn from each other through team meetings, modelling and work shadowing

Students at Educational Risk

Teachers are committed to identifying children experiencing difficulty and targeting problems by developing authentic learning experiences that meet the specific needs of these children. Staff develop individual or group education plans to cater to students needs. Children who are recognised with significant learning difficulties are placed on a SAER file so that their progress can be continually reviewed and monitored. SAER files also ensure that these children are identified at the beginning of each year.

Embedding ICT through literacy

As a lead school in ICT we endeavour to provide students with access and use of the latest technologies to engage and enhance their learning opportunities. Our WaggyTV allows students to enhance their public speaking and confidence, learn to write scripts and direct others. Our DeforestACTION and Bali sister school programs allow students to interact with others in meaningful and purposeful language experiences.

Integrating learning through literacy

Literacy is always a focus in the learning program. at all times through maths, Science, Society and Environment, the Arts, Health and Languages students are also immersed in language and literacy development.

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