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Science 2013
Welcome Australian Curriculum!

Students at Waggy have been getting into the new Australian Curriculum in 2012 and again in 2013. With a focus on Science Inquiry Skills, we are focused on improving our science understanding in the conceptual areas of:

Biological Sciences
Chemical Sciences
Earth and Space Sciences
Physical Sciences

In 2013 the class teachers will be integrating science into the curriculum and will therefore be teaching and reporting against science outcomes.

In 2012

Term 1 focused on the Physical Sciences. We cooked mashmallow yummies on our solar ovens. We designed and tested wind and water turbines - which got a bit wet! Some classes tested the strength of paper - scrunched, rolled, folded - and then made them into tall towers and strong shapes.

This term we have been busy looking at the Chemical Sciences - getting messy making our own natural dyes from beetroot, carrots, pumpkin (eeugh), raspberries, blueberries, soysauce and vinegar. Salt, acting as a mordant, is a great deterrent for those who think blueberry dye is good to drink....

We've cut up natural fabric (calico) and kept it in these dyes for different amounts of time. Then we washed each piece for the same amount of time, and found that it doesn't make a difference if fabric is left in dye for 5 or 40 minutes - it still looks the same after it gets washed. And some dyes are more colourfast than others - which is why people get upset when you come home covered in berry juices.

More coming later!

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