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Society & Environment

The Society and Environment learning area develops students’ understandings of how and why individuals and groups live together; interact with and within their environment; manage resources; and create institutions and systems. Students further understand that, over time, these relationships and interactions may change to varying degrees. (Curriculum Framework, WA)

Students develop these understandings through processes of social inquiry, environmental appraisal, ethical analysis and the skills to constructively critique various perspectives from past and present contexts. Our move towards globalising eductaion through 21st century learning at Waggrakine ties in natually with the goals of the Society and Environment learning area.

At Waggrakine students are encouraged to apply their understandings and skills in their own lives, in developing global awareness, environmental understandings, social and civic responsibility, communication and collaboration skills. Through the use of web 2.0 technologies students are enabled to become Asian literate, critical thinkers, analysers, engaged collaboratively in actively exploring and contributing to the global future.

Participating in a rapidly-changing world

Acknowledging that students are operating in a rapidly-changing world, the Society and Environment learning area equips them with the knowledge, skills and values needed to understand and participate effectively in these changing contexts. At waggrakine our focus on 21st century learning and partnerships with Microsoft Innovative School Partners in learning and Takingitglobal increase our capacity to ready students for the every changing world in which they live. we hope to provide stduents opportunities to be global citizens, aware, creative, collaborative and critical thinkers.
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