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Office 9938 1132
Canteen 9938 1481
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2017 booklists can be found here

2017 Contributions and Charges can be found here


Principal: Lis Turner
Deputies: Mandi Ostaszewskyj, Zoei Nixon (part time, 0.5 FTE) and Dianne Suckling (part time 0.8 FTE)
Corporate Services Manager: Carol Anne White
School Officers: Marina Fowler and Michelle Tazewell
Technical Support Officer: (ICT) Michelle Honeywood
Library Officer: Kylie Pears
Chaplain: Sharon Atkins
Gardeners: Robyn Loveland and Dean Ryles
Head Cleaner: Glynis Cooper

We currently have around 33 teachers and 25 Education Assistants including special needs education assistants and 5 cleaners. 

Parents as Partners

Parents play a vital role in the education of the children and strong home-school relationships are strongly encouraged. All new families are asked to meet with the principal so that from the start we are familiar with all of our families and their needs.

Working with Children Checks

All staff and visitors working with children are required to present a WWCC card at the office the first time they visit the school. This will be copied and stored on site and online as our requirements to meet the WWCC Act. Parent volunteers are exempt (unless involved in overnight camps) but all parents are required to sign a confidential declaration each year.

Volunteer your time to help at school. Even working parents are able to spend some time helping at school. Taking a day off work to help at a sports carnival shows your child that you think school activities are important. All parent volunteers are required to sign a confidential declaration once a year to be retained by the school.


All visitors/parents must report to the front office before going into the school. This is due to safety reasons and to ensure we are aware of whom is on the property in case of an emergency. If you wish to pick your child up during the school day, you must first sign them out at the Front Office. You will then be given a Sign-Out Slip by one of the School Officers which must be given to the classroom teacher. Some Early Childhood classes have their own sign out slip for your convenience, please Check with your Kindy or PP teacher so you are aware.



Tell them about your child's interests and hobbies. Let them know how and when it is best to reach you. Ask them how you can support your child’s learning at home.


Please keep the teacher informed of anything that may impact on the child’s emotional wellbeing at school. This allows the teacher to be proactive and support your child through difficult situations. 


Parents are encouraged to make direct contact with classroom teachers to deal with matters of concern and be sure to hear out all sides of a story.  Please make an appointment with the teacher before or after school and meet to discuss any concerns so we are able to address the issues promptly and professionally.  For involved matters, an interview time may need to be made with the teacher.  Before school is a busy time for classroom teachers and they may not be able to get involved in lengthy discussions at this time. Any parent wishing to discuss concerns with the School Executive regarding their child’s teacher are asked to have addressed the concerns with the teacher first.

Many classes now run active blogs or FB pages which are a great way to look at what your child is learning at school. Please take the time to look at your child’s blog to see what is happening in their room. Add a comment and join in the conversation and strengthen the links between home and school. 

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2017 booklists can be found here


The items on the booklist are required by students each day and may need to be replenished every term.  Please keep your child supplied with their essential equipment they require.    Booklists are available from the school office and supplies can be purchased from various suppliers in Geraldton.



All items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.  Some early years class teachers will collect student consumable items and distribute them as needed.


(Sung to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club theme)


Wag - gra - kine school

Wag - gra - kine school

The future leaders of our state

Are really you and me




Waggrakine     -     is the best

Waggrakine     -     in the west

Forever we will hold our banner high, high, high,


So come along and sing our song

And join the company




Parents are able to park in the large car park on Hall Road behind the pre-primary buildings and in the gravel car park on the corner of Chapman Valley Road and Adelaide Street. Please observe the reverse parking signage in these areas. Please do not park in any of the bus bays on Hall Road, Kiss and Drive or in the staff car park.


A ‘kiss and drive’ is located on Hall Road. This is a designated point for quick drop offs and pick ups. Children are asked to wait at the north end of the ‘kiss and drive’ to enable the maximum amount of cars to enter the area at one time. 


Children are asked to remain on designated paths at all times and refrain from walking through any car parks, particularly at the start and end of the school day, so that the chances of accidents are minimised. Children are not allowed to cross Hall Road anywhere except at the supervised cross walk.



Smoking is prohibited on all Education Department property. Staff, parents and visitors to the school are asked to abide by this regulation. Students found smoking on the school site risk immediate suspension from school.



Dogs are allowed at school if coming in for student news or by parents walking to collect students. Dogs must always be on a leash and adults responsible need to ensure you always clean up after your dog for health and safety issues.  Pets bought in on arrangement for news with a responsible adult need to be taken home immediately after.



On occasions some classes keep pets. These pets are always well cared for and registered by the school under the strict animal ethics requirements of the Education Department. If any children have any medical conditions related to pets or animals please ensure the enrolment form details reflect this and class teachers are aware.


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