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There are two possible meanings of the name Waggrakine. It is an Aboriginal word either meaning “place of snakes” or “a place of shelter”. Snakes are a regular feature of the school and a staff member is trained to regularly remove snakes from the school grounds and classes in the summer months. No one has ever been bitten.

The First Waggrakine School

The first school at Waggrakine opened in 1934 with 7 students. It was classified as an “assisted school” because there were not enough students for an official school. It was located at the corner of Chapman Valley Road and Carnalea Road using a building which was moved from a neighbouring property.

The school consisted of one room approximately 7m by 5m with a verandah on the south side.   One end was enclosed to make a small cloakroom.   There were two doors opposite each other in the south and north sides and two windows, one facing north and the other west.   There was a small rainwater tank on the north east corner and a stone fireplace on the eastern wall.

The school was closed in 1939 and the children travelled by bus to Geraldton. Six gum trees planted on the school boundary and the crumbling remains of the stone fireplace mark the site of the first Waggrakine School.

The School Crest

The school crest was designed by Mr Ron Bradfield. The words around the crest are shaped like a boomerang acknowledging the Aboriginal derivation of the word.The shield has two parts.  The top two squares represent academic achievement and the bottom half represents brotherhood in the larger child helping or protecting the younger.  In the rear are the Moresby Ranges which are a backdrop to the school.

Current Waggrakine School opened in 1979

The school opened on the present site in 1979 with 8 primary classes and a pre-primary.   By 1993 the school had grown to 14 primary classes, with many students being taught in transportable classrooms. In 1994, a $1.8 million building programme was undertaken to provide additional classrooms and to upgrade the administration building.   Apart from 14 classrooms, the school now has a modern up to date library, and purpose built art/craft and music rooms.

2010 a year of growth

In 2010 the Building Education Revolution federally funded program saw the last of the demountables removed with the building of a new Early Childhood Centre with three classrooms. Additional extensions, stores and verandahs were also added with the BER funds in 2010. This was a great opportunity for the school that we would never have been able to do without it.

2013 Fire strikes the school

In 2012 and 2013 the school continued to grow. At the beginning of 2013 we started the school year two classrooms short due to increasing student numbers. On the weekend of the third week a break in and arson saw the loss of the entire administration building of the school. The school then operated out of the library for the following 21 months until a new and beautiful admin block was completed in October 2014.

2015 Year 7 start at high school

In 2014 we saw our last Year 7 students graduate from Waggrakine and all WA government Primary schools. In 2015 we became a Kindy to Year 6 school, wit Year 6's as our senior students.

The Time Capsule

In 1979 staff and foundation year students put together a time capsule which was to be burried for 50 years. However in 2004 a small group, concerned that anothers capsule had water damage, dug up the capsule. In late 2010 a group of foundation year students whose work was in the time capsule sought to find all the remnants of the capsule and put it back in the ground. This work is now complete and we once again have the capsule underground ready for the much awaited ceremony in 2029.

Time capsule returns to the ground March 6 2011

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