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The Waggrakine Primary School Canteen is wholly run by the P&C as a service to the school community. The canteen is self funding and non-profit. That is, it must cover it's own costs, but does not make money from it's operations. All foods sold at the canteen comply with government regulations under the traffic light system. Green (healthy) foods are offered everyday and make up most of the menu. Amber (treat) foods can only be offered a maximum of twice a week. Red (foods with little nutritional value) foods are not offered.

The canteen is operated by the school P&C. They are unable to extend any credit to families. It is staffed school days from 8:30 – 2:00 pm. Helpers are always required and greatly appreciated to assist in making lunches and preparing recess. Please see or call 99381481 to talk to the canteen. Our Current Manager is Anne-Marie Mulcahy.

Your canteen runs with only one staff member per day. Other roles need to be filled by volunteers. The more volunteers we have the less time is required from each of us. Volunteering in the canteen is not difficult. If you can make a sandwich you are well qualified. If you prefer not to serve at the counter, you don't have to. We have a roster at the canteen so please drop by and add your name if you have a couple of hours to spare. Your help is much appreciated. 


Students must order their lunch before school at 8:30am – 8:45am.    You are welcome to pay for lunches in advance, but do not ask for lunches to be provided without payment accompanying the order.


Uniform Shop

The school’s P&C Association also operates a uniform shop through the canteen and information about ordering school uniforms is circulated periodically. Good quality garments at reasonable prices can be purchased.  Please contact the school office for details.  A second hand uniform shop is also run in the canteen.


Waggrakine Primary School has a dress code.  Acceptance of enrolment at the school is on the understanding that the school’s dress code will be adhered to. Kindergarten students are also encouraged to wear the school uniform. Please place student’s name on all clothes, as a large number of jumpers and hats end up in the Lost Property bin each year.

Classes on excursion must be in uniform, unless otherwise stated.  If students are representing the school outside of school grounds they are required to wear the school camel shirt, not a faction T-shirt.


Please put your child’s name on ALL items of clothing and lunchbox.  Look for any lost property in the hall. Found items are displayed at during the term on the limestone wall outside TA 5-8, usually on assembly days. Unclaimed items will be given to charity at the end of each term or to the second hand uniform shop in the canteen.


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