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Sports Factions


Waggrakine has four factions or houses. These have been named after the Aboriginal names of animals found in the area.  


Faction names             Emblems                      Colours

Jiddee Jiddee              Willy Wag Tail               Blue

Jindarndee                   Grasshopper                Green

Karra                            Red Back Spider          Red

Winjee                          Bat                               Gold


Throughout each term the factions compete with each other. At each assembly the winning faction is announced and that faction flies their flag for the fortnight.  Points are awarded for good behaviour and effort, sport, class honour certificates, competitions, Waggy Wonders and special work samples.


At the Athletics Carnival, factions compete against each other for the faction shield.  Each faction has its own war cry which children learn early on in their schooling.

Winjee - Bat - Yellow

Winjee, Winjee
Scream and shout,
We’re going to hypnotize ‘em,
Paralyse ‘em,
Knock ‘em out,
Hit ‘em high, (clap twice)
Hit ‘em low, (clap twice)
Come on Winjee let’s go,go,go.

Jidee Jidee - Willy Wag Tail - Blue

Sittin’ on a grandstand,
Beatin’ on a tin can,
Who can,
We can,
Nobody else can,
Jiddee Jiddee.

Jindarndee - Grasshopper - Green

Grasshopper, grasshopper,
Leaping ahead,
Jindarndee, Jindarndee,
Knock ’em dead,
Sock it to’em,
Sock it to ‘em,
We don’t mind,

Karra - Spider - Red

Sock it to ‘em,
Sock it to ‘em,
Doin’ fine.
Karra, Karra,
Is the best,
Leading the way from all the rest,
Redback, Redback,
Spinning away,
Come on Karra,
Let’s lead the way

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