At Waggrakine we ‘Achieve by Caring’ through nurturing your child’s education and well-being. Our core expectations, ‘Respect, Responsibility and Active Learning’ are embodied in all learning areas. Through an inclusive and engaging curriculum, our staff will tailor learning to meet the needs of every child. We aim to provide your child with the skills to be a life-long learner. Your child is invited to join our friendly and vibrant school community. Our students enjoy happy classrooms, creative open spaces, nature playgrounds and 21st century learning using high quality technologies.  As an independent public school we value community involvement and welcome parents as partners in education, believing that by maximising parent input and communication, we increase opportunities for our students to reach their potential.


Local Intake Area

The following defines the local-intake area of this school:
WAGGRAKINE PRIMARY SCHOOL (Government Gazette Dec 1978)
The boundary for this school is North of the Chapman River.

Our suburbs include; Sunset Beach, White Peak, Park Falls, Drummond Cove, Bulla, Wokarena, Moresby, Waggrakine, Glenfield and Forrester Park.


Waggrakine has approximately 560 students in 2019. We are the largest Public Primary School in the Midwest. We have approximately 22% Aboriginal students and 5% of students with an identified learning disability.  

School Song

(Sung to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club theme)

Wag – gra – kine school

Wag – gra – kine school

The future leaders of our state

Are really you and me

At W-A-G-G-R-A-K-I-N-E

Waggrakine     –     is the best

Waggrakine     –     in the west

Forever we will hold our banner high, high, high,

So come along and sing our song

And join the company

At W-A-G-G-R-A-K-I-N-E