Achieve by Caring

Waggrakine staff commit to ensuring the wellbeing of your child. Our vision of ‘Achieve by Caring’ guides our practice. Effective student well being is achieved through promoting positive school environments that support the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of your child. A number of programs are implemented throughout the school to explicitly teach students the skills of self regulation and life long learning. 

Well Being 1
Well Being 2
Well Being 3

The Student Well Being Hub

The Student Wellbeing Hub is underpinned by the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework (ASWF).

For a Safe and Inclusive Environment

Pastoral care is central to the Department of Education’s direction in providing a quality education for all public school students and is embedded within the school system by the provision of safe, inclusive and caring learning environments.

Positive School Environments

Effective pastoral care in public schools is underpinned by a positive school climate where:

  • teacher-student relationships are based on trust and mutual respect
  • each student’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional development is promoted
  • there are strong partnerships between the school, parents and community

Pastoral Care is achieved through:

  • quality and supportive relationships
  • comprehensive and inclusive approaches to learning
  • effective networks of care
  • appropriate and effective pastoral care strategies
  • supportive and coordinated organisational structures

Student well being is shared by, and is the responsibility of everyone.