What is PBS?

PBS recognises the importance of creating classrooms with high academic engagement, supporting an integrated approach to behaviour, learning and teaching. PBS builds a continuum of supports for staff and students with an emphasis on building relationships. In 2018 we finalised much of the graphics and many new murals and signs now help spread the positive message of PBS across the school. 

Positive Behaviour Support 1
Positive Behaviour Support 2

PBS Expectations 

Waggrakines PBS expectations are in essence our Code of Conduct.

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be an Active Learner


What is Positive Behaviour Support? 

Since 2017 Waggrakine Primary School has been a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school.  We have a PBS team comprised of the Principal, a Deputy Principal, teaching and support staff whose purpose is to implement school wide PBS in order to improve behaviour by explicitly teaching social skills to achieve higher educational outcomes. It is our intention that this will develop a school culture promoting ‘achieve by caring’ supported by students, staff and the community.

To support the expectations, a school wide matrix identifying the specific behaviours/skills in relation to the 3 expectations has been developed along with lesson plans and procedures for specific areas. Throughout the school there is considerable signage to reinforce our expectations. There is a whole school system of encouragement in place through the use of ‘Waggy Wonders’ These are reward slips linked to our 3 expectations. Faction points are awarded for these and all slips go into the raffle draw at assemblies.

Improving Student Outcomes 

Improving student academic and behaviour outcomes is about ensuring all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional and behavioural practices and interventions possible.  PBS provides an operational framework for achieving these outcomes.

PBS builds a continuum of supports for staff and students.  At each level (or tier) there is an emphasis on outcomes in the form of agreed expectations for student and staff behaviour, and data to guide decision-making about what practices should be put in place to support student learning and social behaviour.  There is equal emphasis on the system supports that will be needed to build fluency with new or revised practice among all teachers and staff within the school.

Our PBS Matrix

Over the course of a year the PBS team worked with staff and students to develop our school Matrix which guides the expectations of student behaviour and allows for a whole school consistent language and approach to our expectations. 

Positive Behaviour Support 3

Positive Behaviour Award

At each Assembly selected students will receive a PBS Award for their demonstration of being Responsible, Respectful or an Active Learner. The students also receive an accompanying PBS wrist band. 

Positive Behaviour Support 4
Positive Behaviour Support 5
Positive Behaviour Support 6

Waggy Wonders 

At all times of the school day, students can earn Waggy Wonders. The token system is based on the three expectations and allow students to earn faction points also. Waggy Wonders are collected up before each assembly and all students go into draws to win a canteen voucher. Draws are split into three phases of learning. 

Good Standing 

Good standing is the status that all Waggrakine Primary School students commence the year with. Good standing recognises and rewards the efforts of those students who always show exemplary behaviour by following our three expectations – Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be an Active Learner. At the end of every 5 weeks all Waggy students who have retained good standing are treated at mid term intervals to a class or year level reward. At the end of each term there is a fun whole school reward. In 2020 students and staff enjoyed our first colour run. 
Factors that determine good standing are:

  • Follows the PBS expectations (code of conduct)

  • Demonstrate regular attendance (over 90%) with COVID 19 adjustments in Sem 1 2020

  • Follow the school dress code

Positive Behaviour Support 7
Positive Behaviour Support 8
Positive Behaviour Support 9
Positive Behaviour Support 10