2019 sees new uniforms 

During 2018 the school Board, P&C, staff and students worked together to design new uniforms and we are very happy with the new uniforms. Old uniforms are welcome to be transitioned over 2019 and 2020. The faction t-shirts remain the same. 

In 2021 the uniform shop is being taken over by Total Uniforms, this will allow greater parent access to uniforms with the shop open 6 days a week. 

Uniforms 1
Uniforms 2
Uniforms 3

Uniform variations

Our Year 6 leaders have the uniform with the paler blue stripe and blue sleeves. The Year 1-5 students have the blue centre and orange sleeves. Kindergarten and Pre Primary students uniform is the orange collar and blue shirt.  

The School Board Endorses a School Dress Code

  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school
  • Assists in building school pride and team spirit
  • Ensures students are safely dressed for specific school activities
  • Encourages equity among students

As a part of the enrolment procedures at Waggrakine Primary School the parent/guardian signs the ‘Dress Code for Students Policy Agreement’ sheet agreeing that they will support the Dress Code for Students Policy. The parent/guardian may wish to modify the school dress code for religious or health reasons and is asked to discuss any needs with the Principal.


  • School uniforms (other than track suit pants) may be purchased from Total Uniforms.
  • Students whose families may experience difficulties regarding the uniform requirements are asked to discuss the situation with the principal or deputy principals

If a Student Does Not Wear the Uniform

  • The teacher queries the student regarding their uniform and sends home a reminder note with the student.
  • If the student still fails to wear the uniform the teacher will inform the Principal or Deputy who will discuss concerns with the family and seek to support them in enabling uniforms for the student.
  • Students not following the dress code may be denied the opportunity to represent their school at official school activities, which include choir, school excursions, sporting and social events.

Dress Code

Polo Shirt

K – Yr 6

K –PP Royal blue with burnt orange collar 

Royal blue shorts, skort, or skirt

Yr 1-5 Royal blue with burnt orange side panels 

Royal blue windcheater

Yr 6 Burnt orange with royal and aqua blue side panels 

Royal blue tracksuit or jazz pants

K – Yr 6 Faction colour shirt

Royal blue broad brimmed hat – can be reversible or legionnaire style


Joggers, shoes or sandals

During winter, plain royal blue or other plain neutral colour leggings, tights, skivvies or long sleeved T-shirt may be worn under uniform for warmth.

Excluded from the Dress Code

  • Jeans, board shorts
  • Singlets, tank tops, sleeveless T-Shirts
  • Clothing outside school colours
  • Hats other than wide brim or legionnaires style
  • Graffiti on uniforms/hats
  • Other footwear

Jewellery, Hair and Makeup

  • Jewellery is discouraged. The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to jewellery.
  • Jewellery should be unobtrusive and not represent a health or safety hazard. Facial piercing is discouraged. Jewellery should be restricted to watches, plain rings, sleepers, studs, short simple necklaces and bracelets.
  • To minimise health and safety hazards long hair should be tied back
  • Make up is not to be worn at school.