Welcome to the Library

We have a wonderful and bright library, with an energetic library offer, Mrs Pears who is always happy to help out. Classes from Pre Primary to Year 6 attend the library each week to borrow one to two books that you are encouraged to read with your child each day. The library changes changes themes throughout the year and always looks sensational, celebrating events and showcasing student achievements.

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All students from Pre-primary to Year Seven are scheduled into the library for book borrowing on a weekly basis.  This is an important strategy in developing and enhancing reading skills in students. It is important that children care for any books which they borrow from the library.  All students require a library bag.

Book Club 

The library is the hub of reading in our school and actively promotes reading throughout the year. Students have access to regular book club and ongoing displays of author studies. 

Book Fair

Each year the library runs a Book Fair to … Parent volunteers and input assist to ensure the success of these events. 

Book Week 

Book Week is a National event and Mrs Pears promotes our annual Book Week parade, displaying the newest books selected for Book Week. Each year there is a different theme. Children are encouraged to dress as a character in a book and we have some amazing costumes year after year! 

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Please come in and visit, read a book or help cover some books for us, volunteers are welcome. 

The more that you read the more that you will know...
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