Bus, Kiss and Drop, Walk or Cycle

There are many different ways children come to school. The Majority of early childhood children come with family members. Others come on the bus, by scooter, cars or walking. This page helps you to understand the options available for you. 

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Transperth and School Buses

There is currently a review of school bus services underway by the Department of Transport and one of the goals of this review are to improve the services provided to Waggrakine Primary School students. We look forward to the outcomes of the review. 

There are a number of buses which service the school. Buswest Geraldton operates the public transport services for the City of Greater Geraldton bannered as TransGeraldton. This service is offered to students residing in the Drummond Cove, Sunset Beach and Glenfield areas. Students will require a SmartRider card to access these buses at a discounted rate.  Applications can be made online at www.transperth.wa.gov.au/smartrideror forms can be obtained through the school office.

School Bus Logistics provide buses (orange) to students residing outside the public transport routes, ie. White Peak, Moresby, Chapman Valley.

Information regarding buses can be obtained from the school office or the following websites:




Catching the Bus

The school funds a bus warden to supervise students before and after school. Students when they hop of the bus or finish school go directly to the hall where their names are marked on a. role and they are supervised until classrooms open or buses depart. The School Positive Behaviour Support Team has developed Bus procedures to help guide students with expected behaviours while waiting in the hall. 

Achieve By Coringbe Respectful Be Responsiblemorning Busprocedurewhen Arriving At School:•••••Walk Directly To The Hall And Have Your Namechecked Off By The Bus Monitor.select A Quiet Activity And Use Resources Correctly.walk To The Breakfast Club After Being Givenpermission And Return Immediately With Your Food.help To Pack Away And Wait To Be Dismissed.speak Nicely, Using Your Manners And Place Allrubbish In The Bin.ask Permission To Leave The Hall For Any Reason.waggrakineprimary Schoolbe Respectful Be Responsible Be On Active Learner

Achieve By Caringbe Respectful Be Responsibleafternoon Busprocedurewhen Departing School:• Get A Drink And Go To The Toilet Before Walking Tothe Hall.• Sit Quietly In Your Bus Line And Wait To Have Yourname Checked Off By The Bus Monitor.• Select An Appropriate Activity To Do And Useresources Correctly.• Help To Pack Away At 3:30 Pm And, Weatherpermitting, Follow The Bus Monitor'S Instructionsbefore Moving Outside To Play.• Speak Nicely, Using Your Manners And Place Allrubbish In The Bin.• Wait For The Bus Monitor To Open The Gate Beforegetting On The Bus.waggrakineprimary Schoolbe Respectful Be Responsible Be On Active Learner

Car Parking

Parents are able to park in the large car park on Hall Road behind the pre-primary buildings and in the gravel car park on the corner of Chapman Valley Road and Adelaide Street. Please observe the reverse parking signage in these areas. Please do not park in any of the bus bays on Hall Road, Kiss and Drive or in the staff car park.

Kiss and Drive

A ‘kiss and drive’ is located on Hall Road. This is a designated point for quick drop offs and pick ups. Children are asked to wait at the north end of the ‘kiss and drive’ to enable the maximum amount of cars to enter the area at one time. If your child is not ready to be picked up we ask you to keep driving and do a loop rather than hold up the traffic flow. 

Walking from cars or into school grounds

Children are asked to remain on designated paths at all times and refrain from walking through any car parks, particularly at the start and end of the school day, so that the chances of accidents are minimised. Children are not allowed to cross Hall Road anywhere except at the supervised cross walk. While many parents park across the road and run students across the road we would like to remind you that staff will be teaching children to cross only at the cross walk for their safety. 

Cycle or Scooter

If your child cycles or scooters to school we ask them to hop off at the gate and push the bike or scooter on school grounds to avoid any collisions with pedestrians, prams and toddlers at these busy times of the day.