The Western Australian Curriculum 

At Waggrakine we aim to provide an engaging Science curriculum that promotes your child’s curiosity and willingness to ask questions, explore and have a go. The WA Science Curriculum outlines how Science ‘provides an understanding of the nature of scientific inquiry and the ability to use a range of scientific inquiry methods, including questioning; planning and conducting experiments and investigations based on ethical principles; collecting and analysing data; evaluating results; and drawing critical, evidence-based conclusions.

Science 1
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Science 5

Forensic Science Incursion 

Most years we have a forensic science incursion, engaging children and opening up their curiosity through hands on excursion where they learn about forensics. 

WA Curriculum Science 

The Western Australian Curriculum: Science has three interrelated strands: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills.

The Science Understanding strand comprises four sub-strands. The content is described by each year level. 


 Biological sciences is the study of living things and how environmental changes affect living things by the way of adaptations or changes to behaviours. At Waggrakine we focus on how environmental factors (weather such as the coastal heatwave) and human factors have changed the way agriculture and sea life live in the Mid West area.


Chemical science is the study of substances and elements. We look at the properties of substances and classify their physical properties (strength, states of matter) and how we can alter these properties to suit specific needs (dissolving, melting). We look at how substances can be mixed to make chemical reactions and how these create new substances.


Earth and Space Science is the study of Earth in our solar system and the structure of the planet. We look at how Earth’s unique make-up causes Natural Disasters and how humans have adapted to survive such events. We focus on local disasters such as bushfires, droughts and floods and how the Mid West area deal with such situations.


Physical science is the study of energy in the older years focusing on sound, force, light and electricity. At Waggrakine we focus on renewable energy sources for such topics as electricity and what technology is used in the Mid West area to provide renewable energy sources. We experiment with transforming electricity, sound, light and force to understand how everyday things work.