Being Prepared 

Transitioning into school, into a new classroom or to high school can be a daunting time for children. To minimise children’s anxiety we develop a series of transition programs that ensure children are prepared for their big change in their life. Key transitions at Waggrakine include, Kindergarten, Kindy to Pre Primary, Pre Primary to Year 1 and Year 6 to high school. 

Transition 1
Transition 2
Transition 3

Transition to Kindergarten

Waggrakine runs a Kindy transition program during all of semester two each year. This is the reason it is important to enrol for Kindergarten in June or July each year so we can let you know about the transition program. The Kindergarten Transition Program is designed to allow maximum benefits to the child, family and school.

Starting school is an important milestone for children and families. Children who make a positive start to school are more likely to

  • feel comfortable, relaxed and valued
  • feel excited and motivated to learn
  • have good relationships with others
  • develop a sense of belonging within the school community
  • have less anxiety when the new year is finally upon us. 

What are the main changes for my child?

There are many changes for your child when starting school, changing areas within the school, or moving to a new school. There are a number of differences between the school setting and the home or day care environment and these may include:

Physical Environment

Waggrakine is a large school, the early childhood area has 5 classrooms, and the Year 1-6 has 17 classrooms. The playgrounds are very big and phases of learning (Years K/PP, 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6) each have a different play area. Classrooms are very big rooms with 20-30 other children in them depending on the year levels. And PP classrooms have toilets but when moving to Year 1 you need to use the common toilets, loosely split into phases of learning too. 

Rules and procedures

With so many children come rules and expectations. Our PBS expectations help to define whole school expectations. Students have many regular expectations like lining up to enter classrooms, putting their hands up in class, following classroom rules and expectations, saying in designated areas. There are many structured times throughout the day for starting class, recess and lunch times for eating, crunch and sip times and more. 


Children will develop new bonds and friendships in the classroom and playground, but at the beginning of a new year it may be daunting. Transitions can help Kindergarten students in particular become more familiar with their peers and with the teachers they will have when the start school. As they move into Year 1-6 they will have different teachers for some subject areas. Moving to High School brings the challenge of new teachers for each subject and a different but similar set of new expectations. 


At home and at day care play and modelling is the basis for learning. While Waggrakine’s early childhood centre fosters a play based curriculum their remains many changes within the daily routine posing differences from the home environment. From Year 1 students began to attend specialist learning areas of visual arts, music and sport. At Year 3 Indonesian is introduced. 

Pre Primary to Year 6 transitions 

Mid term four Pre Primary students will begin a slow transition to the main school, being introduced to classes and eating times. All students change eating areas to begin to get used to the new environment and routines. Pre Primary students are introduced to the Year 1 teachers and have a number of afternoons in the year 1 classes while the Year 1 students et to go over to ECE to play. 

Year 7 Transitions 

Geraldton Senior High School is the feeder school for Waggrakine Primary School and the High School offers several events to assist with the transition to high school.

  • One day of orientation for students
  • Staff members of the High School come to Waggrakine to talk to the students 
  • A parent information evening is held at Waggrakine 
  • An open evening is held at the high school with a BBQ for parents

Private schools offer different traction arrangements and this information will come from them 


If you have any concerns or questions about your child entering school or changing year levels please don’t hesitate to ask.