Year 6 Leaders 

In February Year 6 students present a speech, as part of their Waggy Challenge, for their nomination for School Representative or Faction Captain. The audience, Year 5 and 6 students, vote for their nominees for the school year. Parents and family members are invited to watch the speeches. Successful school leaders are announced at the first assembly. 

Student Leadership 1
Student Leadership 2
Student Leadership 3
Student Leadership 4

School Representatives

Each year 6 students take on the role of School Representatives. The School Reps take on a number of roles around the school throughout the year. Regular responsibilities include roles at each assembly, helping to count the Waggy Wonder rewards, greeting special guests to the school, regular rostered duties at recess and lunch. Other leaders responsibilities as required. 

Student Leadership 5
Student Leadership 6
Student Leadership 7
Student Leadership 8

Faction Captains 

Each year 8 Faction Captains are elected by our Year 5 and 6 students. Our 4 factions, Winjee, Karra, Jindarndee and Jiddee Jiddee each have 2 captains. Responsibilities of the Faction Captains include: monitor equipment borrowing from the sport shed each recess and lunch time, assist with school assemblies and providing assistance with preparation and conducting of athletic events.