Community Partnerships

Waggrakine has strong affiliations with government and non government bodies that assist us to:

  • achieve better results for your child
  • ensure the health and safety of our students 
  • implement best practice programs
  • support sustainable practices 
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Waggrakine Memberships

Crunch and Sip School 

Crunch&Sip is a set time during the school day to eat vegetables and fruit and drink water in the classroom. Students bring vegetables or fruit to school each day for the Crunch&Sip break. Each child also has a small bottle of water in the classroom to drink throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

Water Wise School 

Waggrakine is an accredited Water Wise School, through the program we engage in water wise practices and have accesses to resources that help to educate our students about water so that they have the knowledge and skills to make sound water management decisions in the future. 


Department Supports

School of Special Education Needs: Disability

‘Providing support for students with disabilities and diverse learning needs through teams of visiting teachers and support officers working from the Schools of Special Educational Needs: Disability, Schools of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health and the Schools of Special Educational Needs: Sensory.’ 

School of Special Education Needs: Behaviour 

The School of Special Educational Needs: Behaviour and Engagement (SSEN:BE) provides educational support and services for students with extreme, complex and challenging behaviours. 

School of Special Education Needs: Medical and Mental Health

School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health provides educational support for students whose medical or mental health prevents them from successfully participating in their enrolled school programs.

School of Special Education Needs: Sensory

The School of Special Educational Needs: Sensory provides educational support to students with vision impairment, deafness and deafblindness.

School Psychologists 

‘School psychologists help schools meet the social, emotional, learning and behaviour needs of students. Working closely with the school administration, teachers, students and parents, the school psychologist helps schools make improvements that are good for all students, particular groups of students or individual students.’ 

State or Federal Government Funded and NGO Supports  

Child Development Services

The Child Development Services team consists of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Clinical Psychologists, Paediatricians, Therapy Assistants, Audiologists and Nurses. Waggrakine has regular weekly support from Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to support the school based speech programs and work with individuals referred from the school or family. 

Child Protection and Family Support

The Department provides a range of child safety and family support services to Western Australian individuals, children and their families. All schools work with CPFS to support families and children to stay safe and healthy. 

Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service

GRAMS are a community controlled Aboriginal organisation, offering an affordable and culturally appropriate health services to the Mid West and Murchison communities. They offer a range of comprehensive primary health care programs. 

Child Adolescent and Mental Health Services

Child and Adolescent Health Service – Mental Health service provides mental health programs to infants, children and young people up to the age of 17. This includes services in the community and in a hospital setting.

Children and families are referred to these services by their treating therapist, specialist, GP, school or other community organisation. Information and advice about accessing a Mental Health program is available by contacting a local Community clinic.

Child and Parent Centre – Rangeway

The Child and Parent Centre – Rangeway is run in Geraldton by Ngala Midwest Gascoyne in partnership with Rangeway Primary School. The Child and Parent Centre – Rangeway works to build strong communities and families where children and young people are valued and connected and realise a future full of possibility. For more information click here

Helping Minds 

Helping Minds has a range of targeted programs for schools in Western Australia. Their role is to support anyone that is experiencing mental health distress. This includes both the person that is experiencing mental health issues as well as their family and friends who are providing support both emotionally or practically.  

Ngala – Strong Self Strong Spirit 

Ngala offers free support for children aged 8-12 years of age to assist with mental health issues, Ngala as already mentioned run the Family and Children’s Centre – Rangeway.