A Healthy Life

Nothing is more important than your child’s health. There are many aspects that make up the health curriculum explicitly and indirectly. While the Health curriculum will teach your child about diet, lifestyle choices, their bodies, drugs and alcohol at appropriate year levels, whole school health and well being practices are also paramount to building a healthy and happy child.

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Well Being

Waggrakine aims to provide your children with a positive sense of belonging, a positive self image and the skills and strategies to cope in life situations that can cause us stress and anxiety. Teacher-student relationships are at the heart of ensuring your children feels safe and cared for at Waggrakine. As per our school vision – Achieve by Caring – we take into account all aspects of your child’s needs, as a hungry, tired, cold or anxious child can not focus on learning. We also aim to develop strong partnerships between and the school, parents and the community so that together we can help to develop children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development, developing the whole-child. 

Health Curriculum

The Western Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable students to understand how to take action to enhance and protect their own health and well being for a healthy active life.


Waggrakine has a whole school approach to using the PAThS curriculum.  PAThS is a program that targets the development of social and emotional competence in order to build children’s protective factors and decrease the risk of behavioural and social problems. It is designed to promote social and emotional competence, prevent violence, aggression and other behavioural problems, improve critical thinking skills and enhance the classroom climate. For more information see the link here to Kids Matter Web Site.